Footprint North Inc. prides itself in representing Canadian Quality Products. We are aligned with Agricultural and Commodity Professionals Nationally with the mission of distributing primarily to NORTH AMERICAN markets.

The value of CANADIAN brands and products is well known globally. This provides a great opportunity to represent CANADIAN commodities and products. We have the ability to service long term growth and demand INTERNATIONALLY.

Footprint North continues to research the potential to develop and expand products for which we have been approached to represent. For each potential product we are:
• Evaluating the long term potential
• Planning our moves with each product for long term demand
• Building a customer base for each product we elect to export

Footprint North Inc. Representing 100% Canadian sourced products.

Gary Lutes, President

Gary Lutes is a native to the Greater Toronto Area and is a graduate of Ryerson University (Toronto).

Gary’s career started in the printing industry. He quickly found his niche in Consumer Product Merchandising.  He launched a Direct Response Merchandising firm and did business with North American Retailers, printing their Catalogues.

Expanding In 1992, Gary became founding partner of MAVERICK SALES GROUP Ltd. Over the following two decades it would come to represent numerous companies in North America. The focus remained consumer products while distribution diversified. MAVERICK distributed via Retail, Television Shopping and Catalogue sales channels.

Gary became involved in the commodity – consumables market quite by accident. An associate asked Gary if he could source garbage bags. The “STREET SIDE” Garbage Bag line was born. Gary developed it into a major national brand  and it was purchased by one of it’s competitors in 2004.

In recent Years, Gary launched LUTESCO Inc with a focus on sugar and poly plastics distribution. With the help of Gary’s long-time associations with international representatives, LUTESCO began exporting to China.

Gary is currently the founding director of Footprint North Inc. and is responsible for Business Development and Customer Relations.

Gary can be reached by email: